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Welcome to a whirlwind tour of my latest street art adventures! Hold onto your hats as we jet-set from sun-drenched Siem Reap to bustling metropolises, each wall transformed into a vibrant canvas. These ain't your average souvenirs - these are stories whispered in paint, snapshots of cultures kissed by my roaming brush. So buckle up, art lovers, and prepare to be dazzled by the world, one mural at a time.

Island Vibes and Spray Can Dreams: My Madagascan Mural Adventures

Yo! Let me tell you about my wild escapades painting murals in Madagascar. Two trips, countless sunrises over emerald seas, and enough city walls to make Banksy jealous – yeah, it was epic.

Catching the beauty of Angkor heritage

More than a decade of public art interventions in the Kingdom of Wonder! From lost temples and true beauty of Apsaras, follow my path into Cambodia

Portrait Chifumi

Murals all over the world

Internationally renowned artist, Chifumi, has become most well-known for his majestic and intricate large-scale murals that are scattered across the globe. His unique style of art blends mythological stories, ethnic paterns and hands signs communications. His passion for using his creative voice to raise awareness for important societal and environmental issues has also built him a reputation for being an engaged artist, driven by a desire make an impact. 

Born in France, Chifumi moved to Cambodia after he graduated from art school; a move that sparked a lifelong fascination with asian ancient heritage and mythology. It is his passion for art in public spaces that bring him into the Cambodia Urban Art Festival; since 2015 he organize yearly the first and major event around street creativity and push young local artists to express themselves. 

Over the course of a year, he had created impactful murals in far-reaching places such as Cambodia, California, Madagascar, India, France, Denmark, Croatia, Thailand, Nepal and Italy.

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