Schilick : la beauté des différences.
"Le beau dans la ville"

Winning the contest of Le Beau Dans La Ville, a mural project initiated by Le foyer Moderne and the municipality of Schiltigheim, Im proud to finally show the result of our Augmented Reality mural in collaboration with Julien Croyal

Called "A vol d'oiseau" this mural aim to highlight the beauty of the local culture and iconic wildlife.

The Churning of the Ocean of Milk

Recently this year I was commissioned by Northbridge International School of Phnom Penh for creating a mural on their brand new Aquatic center.

Once again I teamed up with the very talented Julien Croyal, a french motion designer based in Paris. We wanted to expand the experience of wall art! So we brought to life this mural inspired from the myth of "the churning of the ocean of milk", one of the most iconic legend from Cambodia. And... the result is just fabulous!
Concept artwork and mural from me and Julien did the animation.
From 2D to full animation, using the Artivive App

This mythological tale is very popular in Khmer iconography. The most famous architectural rendition of this legend is shown among the 13000 square feet of bas reliefs in a dedicated gallery at the Angkor Wat temple. The grand causeway entrances at the ancient city of Angkor Thom also depict the scenes from the churning of the ocean in sculptural form.

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