A Celebration of Cambodian Tradition Through Art and Fizz: My Collaboration with Coca-Cola for Khmer New Year

Cambodia's vibrant Khmer New Year celebrations received a refreshing twist in 2023 thanks to my artistic partnership with Coca-Cola! We joined forces to create three stunning limited-edition cans, each one not just a vessel for delicious beverage, but a captivating canvas celebrating the rich tapestry of Cambodian culture and traditions.

Samai x Chifumi
limited edition

Based in Phnom Penh, Samai is Cambodia's first and only rum distillery. Established in 2014, they create hand-crafted premium rums using high quality, locally grown ingredients and a process that pays tribute to age-old rum making traditions.
We teamed up to produce a limited edition of 100 bottles with Kampot Pepper flavored rum.

Beyond the tourist trail: My hand-drawn map uncovers hidden gems in Phnom Penh! 

Forget boring guides, the Rosewood Phnom Penh now boasts a bespoke map bursting with personality. Imagine, hand-drawn alleys dance like rivers, Apsaras guide you to secrets, and markets burst with color. This isn't just a map, it's an interactive adventure into the soul of Phnom Penh. Unfold the magic, trace your own path, and discover a city with layers of vibrant life!

Samai x Chifumi
limited edition

Ancient Khmer swirls meet neon cityscapes on my hand-painted Hyundai Veloster. Gleaming curves dance with intricate patterns, whispering tales of temples and urban rhythms. Tradition reimagined, one stroke at a time. Buckle up for a head-turning adventure.
I painted this unique car model in 2018

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