Madagascar Street Art

Mural trip from 2022 & 2023

Island Vibes and Spray Can Dreams: My Madagascan Mural Adventures

Yo! Let me tell you about my wild escapades painting murals in Madagascar. Two trips, countless sunrises over emerald seas, and enough city walls to make Banksy jealous – yeah, it was epic.

But Madagascar ain't just picture-perfect beaches (although, trust me, they're unreal). This island thrums with ancient rhythms, a vibrant tapestry of myths and folklore woven into the very fabric of life. And guess what? I got to paint some of those stories right onto the streets!

My murals weren't just splashes of color; they were conversations with the locals, their legends dancing across brick and concrete. Portraits of local beauties, mischievous lemurs leaping from walls, fantastical creatures from Malagasy myths – each stroke a bridge between my street art world and this incredible culture. ✨


Madagascar's Rhythmic Canvas: Stritarty festival Explodes!

Imagine sun-drenched streets erupting in a vibrant collision of street art, dance, and community. Madagascar's Stritarty isn't just a festival; it's a cultural revolution pulsating with the island's raw energy.But this wasn't a solo mission. The Alliance Française became my partners in crime, and the Stritarty festival? 
!I even designed the 2023 poster, my art pulsing with the festival's vibrant energy.
Here is the trailer for Stritarty 8 edition in Diego Suarez

Portrait of local culture

Majunga's sun glistens on Laetitia's smile, now forever enshrined on the French Embassy wall. This Sakalava woman, painted with vibrant strokes, embodies Majunga's energy. Brushstrokes whisper stories of ancestral rhythms and fiery spirit, captured in Laetitia's brilliant eyes.

Now, Madagascar's beauty hides a harsh reality: it's one of the poorest countries in the world. Finding fancy paints and those sweet, fat spray cans? Forget it. My toolbox became a test of resourcefulness. Limited colors? Challenge accepted! I mixed, I improvised, I squeezed every drop of creativity outta those tubes.

La fille de la ville des vents

My Madagascar murals are more than just pictures; they're testaments to the human spirit's ability to create magic even in the face of scarcity. They're whispers of ancient myths echoing in urban beats, a testament to the resilience and joy that pulsate through this incredible island.
Here is my biggest mural over Madagascar, painted on the university of Antsiranana.

So, come dive into my Madagascan adventure! Let the walls come alive, their colors telling tales of a land where creativity dances with scarcity, and spray-can dreams blossom into unforgettable symphonies.

Alo Alo

Madagascar's Alo Alo totems whisper ancient stories. Their carved zebu, geometric patterns, and ancestral whispers ignite my art. Brushstrokes dance with respect, bridging past and present in vibrant murals. Every totem, an endless source of inspiration for my urban canvas

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